85 vs 20 08; NS) A similar interaction pattern was observed on

85 vs. 20.08; NS). A similar interaction pattern was observed on a word-learning test. Patients treated with chemotherapy recalled fewer words after being informed about the association between cognitive problems and chemotherapy (M?=?24.44) than without such information (M?=?27.63; p?=?0.010). No difference was found for patients not treated with chemotherapy (M?=?26.35

vs. 25.38; NS). Conclusion Patient information may induce a stereotype threat, which affects self-reported cognitive function and neuropsychological test performance in cancer patients for whom this information is relevant. Copyright (c) 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.”
“The aim of this study was to describe the learning curve of a single surgeon to achieve the ability to perform a complication-free and anatomically successful laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy (LSC).

All patients, from the first LSC onwards

(1996) were included. Outcome measures were operation time, number Selleckchem Volasertib of laparotomies, complications and anatomical failures within 3 months. Learning curves were generated using moving Apoptosis Compound Library average method (MOA) and cumulative sum (CUSUM) analysis to assess changes in respectively operation time and failures (laparotomy, complication or anatomical failure).

Of the 206 patients, 83% were completed by laparoscopy. The intra-operative and major respectively minor post-operative complication rates were 2.4% (n = 5), 4.4% (n = 9) and 12.6% (n = 26). CUSUM analysis showed adequate learning after 60 cases. MOA showed that operation time declined rapidly during the first 30 procedures reaching a steady state (175 min) after 90 cases. Complications remained unchanged throughout ACP-196 cost the series.

LSC was associated with a low complication rate but a long learning curve.”
“The effect of the cooling field (h(cf)) on the exchange bias (h(E)) has been investigated in ferromagnet/antiferromagnet

(FM/AFM) bilayers with the different types of interface exchange coupling. The results show that for the anti ferromagnetic interface coupling, hE can change from negative values to positive ones with increasing h(cf) as the direction of cooling field approaches that of the AFM hard axis. However, h(E) is commonly positive when the cooling field is applied near along the AFM easy axis. On the other hand, for the ferromagnetic interface coupling, the system always exhibits a negative exchange bias while its magnitude depends slowly on h(cf) Moreover, it is found that the sign of hE is determined by the interfacial spin configuration between the FM and the AFM after field cooling procedure The cooling field may play a decisive role in the creation of the interfacial spin configuration for the exchange bias, not only by the interaction between the Zeeman energy of the spins in the external magnetic field and the anti ferromagnetic coupling at the FM/AFM interface, but also by the effect of the uniaxial anisotropy of AFM.

A retrospective

review of fetal macrosomia over a 5-year

A retrospective

review of fetal macrosomia over a 5-year period.

Abia State University Teaching Hospital, Aba in Southeast Nigeria.

A total of 9,970 parturients managed histone deacetylase activity from 1 January 1999 to 31 December 2003. Out of 249 documented cases of infants with birth weights a parts per thousand yen4,500 g, 240 (96.4%) maternal and neonatal records of macrosomia were available for review. Maternal and neonatal characteristics of the 240 cases were compared with 8,800 other parturients with singleton fetuses in vertex presentation.

Macrosomic babies represented 2.5% of the infants delivered (249 of 9,970). Most of the mothers (92.5%) were multiparous. Maternal median weight gain was 11 kg (7-15), while the mean weight gain was 12.5 kg. Maternal median BMI was 28.1 kg/m(2) at delivery, while the mean BMI was 30.3 kg/m(2) (range 23-40) at delivery. Macrosomia was suspected in 80% on the basis of clinical examination, sonography, and the presence of the following risk factors in association: previous delivery

of an infant weighing > 4,000 g (62.5%), maternal weight at booking of more than 80 kg (90%), maternal BMI before delivery of a parts per thousand yen28 kg/m(2) (50%), gestational diabetes mellitus (2.5%), and weight increase of more than 13 kg during pregnancy (5%). The mean birth weight of the babies was 4,750 g (4,500-5,000). The overall CS rate was 15%. The difference PFTα manufacturer in the CS rate between these mothers

and the control was not significant (P = 0.41). Only 9 (3.8%) mothers were successfully delivered with the aid of ventouse due to delayed second stage of labor. There was a significant difference in the complication rates between the mothers of large infants and the control (P < 0.001). Four maternal deaths were associated with macrosomia for a maternal mortality rate of 1667/100,000. Four infants had shoulder dystocia and associated injuries. The perinatal mortality rate was 112.5/1,000 births.

The higher the total body weight at birth, the higher the rate of macrosomia. Macrosomia had implications for high morbidity and mortality in the mothers and their infants. SBC-115076 Others inhibitor Delivery methods need to be evaluated. Caesarean section should be more readily used.”
“This paper presents a two-dimensional nonuniform model to calculate the quantum shot noise suppression (or Fano factor) for electron field emission from a single field emitter of two different shapes: Lorentzian and prolate spheroidal. Between them, the Lorentzian field emitter has a larger shot noise suppression. For a given sharp emitter at a fixed work function, there is a minimum value of the Fano factor, which is independent of the geometrical sharpness of the emitter, and it increases with larger work function.

The greatest tensile strength and flexural strength values were d

The greatest tensile strength and flexural strength values were determined at 120 W for 1 min and at 60 W for 3 min, respectively. Moreover, it can be said that atmospheric air plasma treatment of jute fibers at longer exposure times (6 min) made a detrimental effect on tensile and flexural properties of jute-reinforced polyester composites. (C) 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Appl Polym Sci 121: 634-638, 2011″
“Density functional theory calculations

by using both generalized gradient approximation see more (GGA) method and the GGA with considering strong correlation effect (GGA vertical bar U) were performed to elucidate the effect of Ce-4f orbit on the electronic structure of ZnO. It is found that after the cerium incorporation, a new localized band appears between the valence and conduction bands, which corresponds to the majority spin of Ce-4f states. It is this localized band that constructs a bridge between the valence and conduction states, which will improve the optical performance of ZnO.ZnO:Ce is a degenerate semiconductor.

The strong correlation effect is very important for the 4f orbit of the Ce atom in ZnO:Ce. Selleckchem GF120918 The mismatch of the majority and minority spin for the Ce-4f, Ce-5d states and the spin-polarized holes in O-2p states induced by Ce doping leads to the presence of the magnetic order for ZnO:Ce. We also studied the band structure and optical properties of ZnO:Ce with lacking one electron and two electrons, respectively. With the deficiency of the electrons, the Epoxomicin price Fermi level moves downward. The magnetism disappears when the system lacks two electrons. The analysis of optical properties shows that ZnO:Ce is a promising dielectric material and has potential applications in optoelectric devices. (C) 2011 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3561436]“

membranes made from vulcanized cellulose were used for the pervaporation (PV) of aqueous solutions containing methanol, ethanol, and isopropanol. It was noted that the vulcanized cellulose paper membranes (VCPM) could effectively separate alcohol and water from the mixture solutions. To observe the effect of the separation of alcohol aqueous mixtures, the permeation behavior of water and alcohol was examined by means of the separation factor and the permeation flux. The values of the permeation flux in the ethanol/water mixtures were found to vary from 6.2 kg/m(2)h to 2.1 kg/m(2)h, as the concentration of ethanol increased from 8 to 87 wt %, and the separation factor (alpha) changed from alpha = 2.6 to 6.6, respectively. This showed that the VCPM enhanced the separation of water and alcohol. The highest value observed for the permeation flux was 11 kg/m(2)h at 87 wt % of methanol concentration and the separation factor at this condition was 4.1. It was shown also that an efficient separation was obtained in the isopropanol/water mixture with a separation factor of 16.6.

Platelet activation in response to atherosclerotic plaque rupture

Platelet activation in response to atherosclerotic plaque rupture or endothelial cell detachment can result in pathologic thrombus formation and acute ischemic events. Current oral antiplatelet agents, ML323 nmr aspirin and adenosine diphosphate (ADP) receptor antagonists, are effective but associated with bleeding as they target activation pathways critical for protective hemostasis and pathologic thrombosis. Each inhibits a single platelet activation pathway and does not impact activation by thrombin. The lack of complete inhibition of platelet

function allows continued thrombus formation and recurrent thrombotic events. Inhibition of the protease-activated receptor 1 (PAR-1) stimulated by thrombin offers a rational strategy to achieve more comprehensive platelet inhibition

when used in combination with standard-of-care, dual antiplatelet therapy. We expect that this new approach may mitigate bleeding risk, because PAR-1 is not essential for hemostasis.”
“Objective: To report the time of delay in thrombolysis of massive and submassive pulmonary embolism (PE). Methods: We enrolled 83 consecutive patients with massive and submassive PE from 8 hospitals between June 2006 and March 2009. We recorded the delay between symptom onset and thrombolysis. The Barasertib clinical findings related to early thrombolysis (delay <= 2 days) were analyzed. Results: Median of the delay in thrombolysis was 8 days with 82% over 2 days, 53% over 7 days, and 6% over 25 days. Compared to the late thrombolysis (delay > 2 days), patients with early thrombolysis more frequently

had murmurs at the tricuspid area (26.7% vs 6.1%, P = .053), less frequently had cough (20% vs 59.7%, P = .005) and increased P2 (pulmonic component of second heart sound; 33.3% vs 61.2%, P = .049), and more patients were SRT2104 datasheet thrombolysed in off-hours (86.7% vs 57.4%, P = .034). Conclusion: The time of delay in thrombolysis is too long and the symptoms and signs between early and late thrombolysis groups may differ.”
“Owing to its unique host cell-dependent development cycle, Chlamydia pneumoniae occupies an intracellular niche that enables the bacterium to survive and to multiply, secluded from both the extracellular and the cytoplasmic environments. Within its separate chlamydial inclusion, it is able to genetically switch between a replicative and a persisting non-replicative state, linking the pathogen to acute as well as chronic diseases. Although its role in acute respiratory infection has been established, a potential link between chronic vascular infection with C. pneumoniae and the development of atherosclerosis remains enigmatic, in particular because chronic chlamydial infection cannot be eradicated by antibiotics. C. pneumoniae has developed numerous mechanisms to establish an adequate growth milieu involving the type III secretion-mediated release of chlamydial effector proteins that interact with cellular structures and reprogram host cell regulatory pathways.

Contemporary child neurology in Poland was created by Professor Z

Contemporary child neurology in Poland was created by Professor Zofia Majewska after the Second World War. Now 10 academic centers of child neurology exist in Poland fulfilling educational, scientific, and therapeutic roles. Polish Society of Child Neurology was established in 1991 and now there are about 580 members, including 300 child neurologists.”
“Background: Social support is a multi-dimensional construct that is important to Selleck PCI-34051 drug use cessation. The present study identified types of supportive friends among the social network members in a community-based sample and examined the relationship of supporter-type classes with supporter, recipient, and supporter-recipient

relationship characteristics. We hypothesized that the most supportive network members and their support recipients would be less likely to be current heroin/cocaine users.

Methods: Participants (n = 1453) VX-765 mw were recruited from low-income neighborhoods with a high prevalence of drug use. Participants identified

their friends via a network inventory, and all nominated friends were included in a latent class analysis and grouped based on their probability of providing seven types of support. These latent classes were included as the dependent variable in a multi-level regression of supporter drug use, recipient drug use, and other characteristics.

Results: The best-fitting latent class model identified five support patterns: friends who provided Little/No Support, Low/Moderate Support, High Support, Socialization Support, and Financial Support. In bivariate models, friends in the High, Low/Moderate, and Financial Support were less likely to use heroin or cocaine and had less conflict with and were more trusted by the support recipient than friends in the Low/No Support class. Individuals with supporters in those same support classes compared to the Low/No Support class were less likely to use heroin or cocaine, or to be homeless or female. Multivariable models suggested

similar trends.

Conclusions: Those with current heroin/cocaine use were less likely to provide or receive comprehensive Selleck AZD1152-HQPA support from friends. Published by Elsevier Ireland Ltd.”
“Background- The transcription factor NKX2-5 is crucial for heart development, and mutations in this gene have been implicated in diverse congenital heart diseases and conduction defects in mouse models and humans. Whether NKX2-5 mutations have a role in adult-onset heart disease is unknown.

Methods and Results- Mutation screening was performed in 220 probands with adult-onset dilated cardiomyopathy. Six NKX2-5 coding sequence variants were identified, including 3 nonsynonymous variants. A novel heterozygous mutation, I184M, located within the NKX2-5 homeodomain, was identified in 1 family. A subset of family members had congenital heart disease, but there was an unexpectedly high prevalence of dilated cardiomyopathy.

These mixed indicators of psychiatric improvement occurred despit

These mixed indicators of psychiatric improvement occurred despite marked metabolic improvements from surgery. Mean percent excess weight loss = 51.7 and 41.3 (1 and 5 years post-surgery, respectively), systolic blood pressure (-6.8 mmHg (14.3)/-6.1 mmHg (12.8), respectively), glucose levels (-18.6 mg/dL (30.2)/-10.0 mg/dL (25.9), respectively), triglycerides (-78.2 mg/dL (96.7)/-69.1 mg/dL (102.2), respectively) and high-density lipoproteins

(+7.1 (9.9)/+11.3 (11.3), respectively) levels each improved.

We report evidence of decreased antidepressant use and depression therapies following bariatric surgery, but no improvements on rates of anxiolytic use and anxiety therapies or on MG-132 I-BET151 overall psychiatric treatment involvement. Despite metabolic improvements, bariatric patients with psychiatric histories may warrant ongoing attention to mental health.”
“Purpose The aim of this study was to describe and evaluate the feasibility and the eventual advantages of ghost ileostomy (GI) versus covering stoma (CS) in terms of complications, hospital stay and quality

of life of patients and their caregivers after anterior resection for rectal cancer.

Methods In this prospective study, we included patients who had rectal cancer treated with laparotomic anterior resection and confectioning a stoma (GI or CS), in the period comprised between January 2008 and January 2009. Short-term and long-term surgery-related mortality and morbidity after primary

surgery (including that stoma-related and colorectal anastomosis-related) and consequent to the intervention of intestinal ACY-738 datasheet recanalization CS group) and GI closure were evaluated. We evaluated hospital stay and quality of life of patients and their caregivers.

Results Stoma-related morbidity rate was higher in the CS group than in GI group (37% vs. 5.5%, respectively, P=0.04). Morbidity rate after intestinal recanalization in the CS group was 25.9% and 0% after GI closure (P=0.08). Overall stoma morbidity rate was significantly lower in the GI group with respect to CS group (5.5% vs. 40.7%, respectively, P=0.03). CS group was characterized by a significantly longer recovery time (P=0.0002). Caregivers and stoma-related quality of life were better in the GI group than in CS group (P<0.0001 and P=0.0005, respectively).

Conclusions GI is feasible, characterized by shorter recovery, lesser degree of total, as well as anastomosis-relatedmorbidity and higher quality of life of patients and the caregivers in respect to CS. We suggest that GI (should be evaluated as an alternative to conventional ileostomy) could be indicated in selected patients that do not present risk factors, but require caution for anastomotic leakage for the low level of colorectal anastomosis.


in these phase I genes can alter enzyme act


in these phase I genes can alter enzyme activity and are known to be associated with cancer susceptibility related to environmental toxins and hormone exposure. Their genotypes may also display ethnicity-dependent population frequencies. The present study was aimed to determine the frequencies of commonly known functional polymorphisms of CYP1A1 and CYP1B1 genes in a Haryana state population of North India. The allelic frequency of CYP1A1 polymorphism m1 (MspI) was 29.65% and m2 (Ile(462)Val) was 24.85%. The frequency of CYP1B1 polymorphism m1 (Val(432)Leu) was 45.85% and m2 (Asn(453)Ser) was 16.2%. We observed inter- and intra-ethnic variation in the frequency distribution of these polymorphisms. Analysis of polymorphisms in these genes might help in predicting the risk of cancer. Our results emphasize the need for more such studies in high-risk populations.”
“Background Metabolism inhibitor Increased intra-abdominal pressure (IAP), intra-abdominal hypertension (IAH) and abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS) are severe complications of surgical interventions

with a high rate of mortality. The technique of IAP measurement is accurate, precise, reproducible and cost-effective. However, laboratory measures for monitoring of IAH have not been defined. We investigated the linkage between the serum levels of adenosine and interleukin 10 (IL-10) with IAP.

Methods The sera of 25 surgical patients selleck compound with IAP <12 mmHg and of 45 surgical patients with IAP >12 mmHg were tested. Serum adenosine concentration was measured by HPLC. Serum IL-1 beta, IL-2, IL-4, IL-10, TNF alpha, IFN gamma and IL-10 were determined by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). CRP was measured by nephelometry.

Results Significant correlations of IAP were found only with serum levels of adenosine and IL-10. In the sera of patients with

IAP >12 mmHg, the levels of both adenosine (1.61 versus 0.06 mu M, p < 0.01) and IL-10 (63.23 versus 27.27 pg/ml, p < 0.01) were significantly higher than those in patients PD-1/PD-L1 Inhibitor 3 research buy with IAP <12 mmHg. Moreover, significant correlations were found between individual patient IAP-adenosine values (r = 0.766, p < 0.001), IAP-IL-10 values (r = 0.792, p < 0.001) and adenosine-IL-10 values (r = 0.888, p < 0.001). A direct linear correlation between IAP-adenosine and IAP-10 values was only observed with IAP >15 (Grade II-IV).

Conclusion We report associations between IAP and the serum adenosine and IL-10 levels providing new tools for the laboratory monitoring of IAH as well as further understanding of the pathomechanisms contributing to ACS.”
“Purpose Aminophylline accelerates the recovery from sevoflurane anesthesia. We studied the effects of escalating doses of aminophylline on cognitive and clinical recovery after sevoflurane anesthesia.

Assuming the local features can be reconstructed by their neighbo

Assuming the local features can be reconstructed by their neighboring visual words in a vocabulary, reconstruction weights can be solved by quadratic programming. The weights are then used to build contribution functions, resulting in a novel assignment learn more method, called quadratic programming (QP) assignment. We further propose a novel visual word weighting method. The discriminative power of each visual word is analyzed by the sub-similarity function in the bin that corresponds to the visual word. Each sub-similarity function is then treated as a weak classifier. A strong classifier is learned by boosting methods that combine those weak classifiers. The weighting factors

of the visual words are learned accordingly. We evaluate the proposed methods on medical image retrieval tasks. The methods are tested on three well-known data sets, i.e., the ImageCLEFmed data set, the 304 CT Set, and the basal-cell carcinoma image set. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed QP assignment outperforms the traditional nearest neighbor assignment, the multiple assignment, and the soft assignment, whereas the proposed boosting based SRT1720 solubility dmso weighting strategy outperforms the state-of-the-art weighting methods, such as the term frequency weights and the term frequency-inverse document frequency weights.”
“Objective. To investigate the impact

of medical progress on the diagnostic spectrum and outcome of infants with hydrops fetalis (HF).

Study design. We reviewed the charts of all live-born HF infants (n = 70) over a 16-year period (1993-2009). Data

were compared to two published case series (Wafelman LS, Pollock BH, Kreutzer J, Richards DS, Hutchison AA. Biol Neonate 1999;75:73-81, Gainesville, Florida 1983-1992, n = 62; Simpson JH, McDevitt H, Young D, Cameron AD. Fetal Diagn Ther 2006;21:380-382, Glasgow, RepSox cell line UK 1990-2004, n=30).

Results. Only two cases were immune HF. The proportion of infants with unexplained HF (30%), lymphatic (24%), cardiac (17%), hematologcial (6%) or chromosomal anomalies (6%) did not differ from the published case series. There was also no difference in overall mortality (57% vs. 55% or 67%, respectively). Low gestational age (<34 weeks), low 5-min Apgar scores (<4), and heart failure were independently associated with fatality.

Conclusion. The diagnostic spectrum and mortality of HF has changed little over the last 25 years. In the future, new techniques in mutational analysis will be needed to reduce the high rate of unexplained cases of HF.”
“Objective. Prospective population studies have reported that pulmonary function, measured by forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1), is an independent predictor for mortality. Besides, several studies found that death from all causes is higher in asthmatics than in non-asthmatics.

5 years

There were six in-hospital (2 4%) and 30 late

5 years.

There were six in-hospital (2.4%) and 30 late deaths (2.4%/patient-year). Cardiac-related events were the cause A-769662 nmr of death in three patients. The Kaplan-Meier estimate for 10 years survival was 77%. Four patients had perioperative neurological events, and only eight neurological events occurred during follow-up (0.6%/patient-year). Ten patients (0.8%/patient-year) required aortic valve replacement; one because of combined aortic valve stenosis and insufficiency and nine because of severe aortic valve insufficiency as a result

of leaflet prolapse (n = 3), leaflet perforation (n = 1), abridgement of the right coronary leaflet (n = 1) and because of endocarditis (n = 4). Three cases of bleeding were observed (0.24%/patient-year). Freedom from reoperation or aortic valve insufficiency >= 2 degrees was 80% at 10 years.

Aortic valve sparing to treat patients with an ascending aortic aneurysm with aortic JPH203 valve insufficiency is a durable procedure. Aortic valve function remains stable for many years. Valve-related complications are rare, and the

rate of reoperations is not increased in comparison to conduit root replacement.”
“Soybean meal (SBM) is the most widely and expensive protein source used in the formulation of poultry diets; however, when the price of SBM increases, poultry nutritionists seek alternative sources that are more economical in formulating least-cost rations. This research aimed to evaluate the effects of dietary air-classified sunflower meal (SFM) on some productive parameters and plasma steroid hormones in laying hens. In this

trial, 20-week-old laying hens (ISA Brown strain) in the early phase of production were randomly assigned to two groups and fed wheat middlings-based diets containing soybean (135g/kg; 48% CP) or air-classified SFM (160g/kg; 41% CP) as the main protein source. Laying performance, egg size and feed conversion ratio were evaluated for 10week. Plasma steroid hormones (progesterone and oestradiol) in the hens were quantified weekly. Substituting SBM with air-classified SFM did not change (p>0.05) the hens’ growth performance, whereas feed consumption and efficiency LY2157299 in vitro were positively influenced (p<0.05) by SFM treatment. Egg production rate was improved in hens fed the SFM diet (p<0.05), as well as the percentage of medium-size eggs that was higher for SFM treatment (p<0.05). Steroid hormones levels were affected by dietary treatment (p<0.01). From our findings, it could be effective to include air-classified SFM in early-phase laying hen diets as an alternative protein source substituting SBM, without negative influence on productive performance and egg traits, reducing also the production costs.”
“Immunomodulator therapy with the thiopurine analogues azathioprine (AZA) or 6-mercaptopurine (6-MP) is commonly prescribed for maintenance of remission in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

The duration of PD at the time of RPL and the dialysate-to-plasma

The duration of PD at the time of RPL and the dialysate-to-plasma ratio of creatinine at 4 hours were 49.3 +/- 24.5 (range 0.5-87.9) months and 0.70 +/- 0.09 respectively. Incidences of hernia (52.2%) and pleuroperitoneal communication (34.8%) were significantly higher than in PD patients without RPL (13% and 7% respectively, p = 0.001). Logistic regression analysis identified hernia and pleuroperitoneal communication as the risk factors for RPL. The odds ratios for RPL with hernia and pleuroperitoneal communication were 6.62 [95% confidence interval (CI) 2.35-18.69, p < 0.001] and

6.23 (95% CI 1.83-21.19, p = 0.003) respectively.

Conclusion: RPL was not uncommon in patients GNS-1480 concentration with AUFF. A high index of suspicion for RPL is needed in the management of patients with history of hernia or pleuroperitoneal communication presenting with AUFF.”
“Background: Conventional pulmonary rehabilitation programs improve exercise tolerance but have no effect on pulmonary function in patients with chronic obstructive

pulmonary disease (COPD). The role of controlled breathing using respiratory biofeedback during rehabilitation of patients with COPD remains see more unclear. Objectives: To compare the effects of a conventional 4-week pulmonary rehabilitation program with those of rehabilitation plus controlled breathing interventions. Methods: A randomized controlled trial was performed. Pulmonary function (FEV1), exercise capacity (6-min walking distance, 6MWD), health-related quality of life (chronic respiratory questionnaire, CRQ) and cardiac autonomic function (rMSSD) were evaluated. Results: Forty COPD patients

(mean +/- SD age 66.1 +/- 6.4, FEV1 45.9 +/- 17.4% predicted) were randomized to rehabilitation (n = 20) or rehabilitation plus controlled breathing (n = 20). There were no statistically significant differences between the two groups regarding the change in FEV1 (mean difference-0.8% predicted, 95% CI-4.4 to 2.9% predicted, p = 0.33), 6MWD (mean difference 12.2 m, 95% CI-37.4 to 12.2 m, p = 0.16), CRQ (mean difference in compound screening assay total score 0.2, 95% CI-0.1 to 0.4, p = 0.11) and rMSSD (mean difference 2.2 ms, 95% CI-20.8 to 25.1 ms, p = 0.51). Conclusions: In patients with COPD undergoing a pulmonary rehabilitation program, controlled breathing using respiratory biofeedback has no effect on exercise capacity, pulmonary function, quality of life or cardiac autonomic function. Copyright (C) 2011 S. Karger AG, Basel”
“Information is limited regarding the effect of race, ethnicity, and gender on the outcomes of the three palliative procedures for hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS). This study examined the effects of race, ethnicity, gender, type of admission, and surgical volume on in-hospital mortality associated with palliative procedures for HLHS between 1998 and 2007 using data from the University HealthSystem Consortium.