Short infusions of sodium nitroprusside were also used throu

Although no goal blood pressure was set, small infusions of sodium nitroprusside were also implemented through this catheter to offer more arteriolar and venous dilation. The next study bolus was done within 10 15 min of starting nitroprusside. Mean blood pressure and heartrate measurements of the tests without and with nitroprusside were compared using potent c-Met inhibitor two tailed used Students t check using commercially available software. ? Significance level was set at P 0. 05. For picture acquisition the dogs were put in dorsal recumbency in a V trough on the scientific 64 MDCT scanner. A 20 G catheter was placed in the appropriate cephalic vein for injection of contrast medium to prevent ability items as a result of thick undiluted contrast medium in the cranial vana cava. 13 15 A test bolus, also known as moment bolus, of 5 ml iodinated distinction medium?? Followed closely by 20 ml physiologic saline chaser, was inserted at 2 ml/s at maximum pressure limits of 300 lb/in. 2 having a double barrel power injector. ?? To observe contrast method arrival and to ascertain time to peak of contrast enhancement repeated transverse scans were obtained in 1 s time periods at the degree of the heart including the aortic root. Time and energy to peak opacification in the ascending aorta was saved. The research distinction medium bolus was designed to maximize coronary artery opacification through the entire scan. The contrast medium bolus volume was adjusted to the need to cover the complete scan size with adequate arterial opacification. For that reason, the length of the scan, being a function of scan size divided by pitch, was increased by the injection rate to provide the bolus volume. A 30 ml physiologic saline chaser was used to enhance the contrast medium through the machine while cleaning contrast medium out of right and reversible Chk inhibitor the CrVC ventricle in order to avoid streak artifacts. 13 This triggered an overall total of 1. 5 2. 6 ml/kg distinction medium per dog. Following a individual delay to peak enhancement calculated from the test bolus line, the scan of the heart was started using helical scan style at 120 kV, EKG modulated mA, 350 ms gantry rotation time 40 mm alarm collimation, heart price designed variable pitch. Pictures were reconstructed to 0. 625 mm isotropic quality using a soft tissue reconstruction kernel. The period of the whole procedure including coronary scan, test bolus and patient setup was approximately 10 15 min per dog, the time for coronary angiography itself was influenced by the cranial to caudal FOV, but was approximately 10 s. After a short break letting for washout of the contrast medium in the first study bolus, nitroprusside was shot and the study bolus and check process was repeated for each dog.

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